Effective Tips for A Successful Phone Interview

To quickly refine their selection, recruiters prefer to do phone interviews with candidates before making face-to-face interviews. And in many ways, this stage of job application is more critical than the face-to-face interview. To maximize your chances to succeed here are some valuable tips on how to nail a phone interview:

1. Do not underestimate the phone interview:

At first glance, a telephone interview seems to be easier than having it face to face. We say that it is easier to improvise. However, it is not. The phone interview is stricter. The recruiter will be more comfortable taking notes and will be less distracted. There are so much you can tell just by listening to someone’s voice as well – especially confidence.

2. Prepare for the interview:

Same like physical interview, you cannot wait for a call from a recruiter without knowing basic information about the company. Spend some time on their website. Try to find key information about the company and use them to show your capabilities and how the company will need your capabilities as well.

3. Plan the place:

Of course, you cannot do the phone interview while you are in the street, at the supermarket or sitting in your living room. If you receive the phone call and you were not sitting in a quiet place, never hesitate to ask the interviewer to call you back in few minutes after moving to a quieter and more comfortable place.

4. Be early:

If the phone interview was set at 15:00, be near your phone 15 minutes just in case. Take advantage of these few minutes of respite to concentrate.

5. Being 100% available:

“You have to be completely available during the interview. Avoid at all costs having a computer in front of you or a TV screen nearby that may disturb you. The recruiter immediately feels when the candidate is distracted, “says the former recruitment director of Dell.

6. Be crystal clear:

The recruiter will focus solely on your speech and the factual elements that you will put forward. Even more than during a physical interview, “you must be clear and structured. Be quick and precise in your answers, “advises Nathanael Juricic, a recruitment manager. Forget about the frills.

7. Attention to the scenarios:

At each interview, Nathanaël Juricic, devotes five to ten minutes or more to put the candidate in a situation. “For a candidate for a relationship manager position, for example, we will ask him to manage a dissatisfied customer. Normally, he is used to dealing with this kind of case ten times a day so this should not be a problem. It is for us to note his skills and his degree of control of the situation, “says Nathanael Juricic.

8. Ask questions:

Do not just answer the questions of the recruiters. Feel free to take the lead by asking a couple of questions about the position and the company. Asking questions is a good sign that you are truly interested in this job.

9. Make an appropriate conclusion:

To conclude the interview in a professional way, ask the recruiter about what he thought of your interview, if everything was clear and if you can reassure him on different elements.

10. Value yourself but avoid talking too much about yourself:

How to nail a phone interview does not have to be an autobiographical novel. Give your arguments and explain your strengths, but let your interviewer speak at ease.

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