Nine Practical Ways to Stay Focused

Every morning you need to do a lot of things at work and at home and you are supposed to stay focused to handle all tasks. After all the effort the brain makes in dealing with all the situations that we face, a person feels a lot of fatigue and a great loss of concentration and mental powers and begins to do a lot of work unconsciously or even can start the day without a focused mind. Loss of concentration while doing business makes you forget about the many steps you must take.

Therefore, you must strengthen your focus using some effective steps that will help you stay focused. Such steps include the following:

1 You Should Find What Inspires You and Relax Yourself
Any task or routine steps you take consume a lot of your concentration. Before you start anything you should ask yourself why you should do it? Depending on the answer to the question, it will give you the purpose that encourages you to focus on task you are doing. You must also find a way to ease the difficulty you face in completing any task, the matter which strengthens your imagination and creativity.

2 Choose the Right Chair and Desk
Even if you are sitting on a chair all day, your work can be a hard one. It’s very important to choose a comfortable chair and an appropriate desk. Your position towards the desk should be comfortable for your shoulders and hands.

3 Organize your Papers Well
In order to stay focused, you should make only the paper and stuff you need at your fingertips, so that your desk becomes well organized, and you should keep space for any food or drink to be on your side.

4 Stay Away from Computer Distractions
It is important for people who work on computers to keep the applications they use easily reachable on their desktops, without having to look for the same for a long time. You can put all the important files for each day in a large folder, so that you can easily and immediately find the files you need.

5 Keep Water Bottles Handy
Drinking water from time to time is not only healthy, but also keeps you fresh. When you feel hungry or tired, you can drink a cup of water which will revive your energy and make your stomach more patient. Later, you can get some rest.

6 Keep Light Snacks Handy
Like water, it’s a good idea to keep some light snacks near to you to eat when you feel hungry and water is not enough. Such light snacks are preferred to be fruits, so that they can give you some healthy sugar and keep you refreshed. Normal food can distract you by 90%.

7  Make A To-Do List
You should keep a list of the tasks you want to do, and the tasks should be organized according to their importance and urgency. Also, it’s a good idea that you finish the small tasks that require short time before the big ones that require long time of work. This will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you to keep working, and will help you stay focused on the job at hand.
Your To-Do list should be written on paper, and can be made on your computer or mobile phone, but be careful not to get distracted when you check your list on mobile phone.

8 Use Earphones
At some workplaces, you can face a lot of noise and other sources of acoustic pollution. It’s very practical to isolate yourself from such noise using earphones. This will help you stay more focused during your work.

9  Minimize Social Media Use & Organize Your E-mail Inbox
Social media websites are one of the biggest time-eaters in these days. To stay focused at work, you should disconnect yourself completely from social media, which can easily distract you and prevent you from doing your jobs on time.
Further, you should organize your email inbox and sort out messages according to their importance and urgency. Also, it’s very important to have two separate email addresses, one for work and one for personal use.

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