Questions to Help You Find Your Passion

Steve Jobs says “If you wake up in the morning for a whole week and you still hate your job, you must resign”.  So many people have spent their lives on jobs that didn’t fulfill their passion. And so many people ask how to find your passion. This question becomes especially pressing for young people.

What makes you wake up in the morning? Most people will answer this question with “my alarm clock! ” I bet the happiest people in the world could leap out of bed in the morning without the help of an alarm clock. Why? Because they have a passion that makes them love their lives and jobs! Now, let’s be clear, if you have not jumped out of bed this morning, it’s OK. It’s just that you got up to go to work, without really knowing where you are in life. If you do not have a passion for your work, then you may be wasting your time. Nothing’s wrong with that, you have to make money to live. Eventually however, waking up to go to work becomes a struggling task.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself on how to find your passion.

1- What are the things you had passion about in your childhood?

Whether it is dismantling toys, dancing, writing, leading groups or something else, children naturally listen to their passions and follow the same. Try to remember what you loved to do in your childhood.  What events or activities did you like to practice at school? If you cannot remember, get help from your parents. They can help you find some lost parts of your character that date back to your childhood.

2- How will you use your free time?

When Steve Jobs left university, he found his passion in design, and this led him to designing great inventions. Think of this scenario: You currently don’t have any job, but you are not allowed to stay at home. How will you use your time outside home to make some money?

3- What things that make you forget time?

Famous writers can enjoy writing for long hours everyday, and some of them won Noble Prize for their novels. If they don’t have the passion for writing, we would never know about them. Ask yourself: What is the thing that if you do you would lose yourself into it and forget time and the world around you?

4- What are the causes that interest you?

What do you read about usually? What gets your attention when reading newspapers? What are the topics you like to talk about for long hours? They can be political, humanitarian, cultural, environmental or other topics.

5- Who is your role model?

Larry Page was impressed by the inventions of Steve Jobs and achievements of Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City. Few years later, out of his garage, Larry Page established Google. He was inspired by Steve Jobs and Michael Bloomberg who had positive impact on his life. Ask yourself this question: Who is your role model that inspires you?

6- What do people know about you?

Do people know you as a good speaker inspired by talk shows? Do they see you as a potential successful lawyer since you can handle controversies very well? Do they consider you as having great skills of organizing events and activities? Do they consider you as a great writer? Do they consider you a smart person who ask smart questions?

7- What is on your bucket list?

Does your bucket list include writing a great book? Working as host for a famous sports show? Studying law at Harvard? Visiting most beautiful cities around the world? Meeting presidents and kings? Write your own bucket list, as it can help you find your passion in life. Our dreams are closely related to our passions. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” says Oprah Winfrey

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