Ways to Improve Focus: 5 Helpful Tips

We live in a world that is beset with a sea of distractions. As we traverse the digital age, we often find ourselves swamped with both internal and external impulses that sap into our consciousness and inadvertently prevent us from focusing on the task at hand. Finding ways on how to improve focus and effectively organise our train of thoughts become imperative in the effort to extend our attention spans and concentrate properly.

There are a number of ways on how to improve focus. These require a realigning of our cognitive and emotional faculties, our priorities and also shifting our virtual lifestyles. Below are a few tips to help you revive focus and tackle concentration problems once and for all.

1. Train your mind to filter out distractions. Lack of focus stems from our inability to control the attention muscles and our response to distractions. Indeed, attention is a muscle. This was pointed out by Science journalist Daniel Coleman in his book Focus: Attention can wither when used poorly. Work it well and it grows.

2. Limit time spent using electronic devices. If you want to learn how to improve focus and concentrate properly, then you will have to start with limiting gadget time. Attention deficit disorder has been prevalent even before we got hooked with computers and smartphones. Digital habits have only worsened our attention and concentration problems. How can you focus properly on a priority task if you have this constant urge to check your email, social media and messaging accounts?

3. Jot down a list of priority tasks for the day and stick to accomplishing them. Success appears to be correlated with how efficient we are at regulating our mental faculties of attention and concentration. We can refer to the productivity strategies for Super Achievers of motivational speaker Darren Hardy for inspiration. Focus is the core element to being a Super Achiever. This beckons us to say no to things that take us away from focusing on our strategic priorities.

So how to improve focus? Start your day by accomplishing your vital function or responsibility whether at work or when running your own business. Other tasks that do not make it to your vital list, including activities that do not add value to your projects, your career and your life should be shelved for when you have a surplus in time to attend to them.

4. Work on your passions. Are you stuck in a career you are not passionate about? If you are engaged in a 9 to 5 job with the ability to pay the bills for motivation, then you will eventually succumb to burnout. It’s typical for us humans to have selective focus over stuff and activities that don’t interest us. So don’t expect to be fully attentive and razor focused when you’re not passionate with what you are working on or worst when you are already burned out.

5. Engage with other people. The digital age has taken away one important aspect of our humanity, which is communication in a non virtual sense. Human interaction is an important aspect of human behaviour and development. Conversation is part and parcel of the learning process, from which our core mental skills are shaped. The shift to a virtual setting not only builds emotional barriers but also the breeding ground for concentration and focus issues.  So how to improve focus? Reach out to your peers and engage them in meaningful conversations.

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